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Theme of Death in Dandelion Wine


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Theme of Death in Dandelion Wine

Dandelion Wine tells the story about living and the close connection that all humans share with death. Douglas Spaulding, the main character in the story, is an innocent young man who comes to the reality of life during summer. As the summer breaks, Douglas realizes that he is indeed alive, an awesome feeling to say. Nonetheless, Douglas also realizes that because of the fact that he is alive, one day he must perish from the earth. This realization creates mixed feelings to Douglas. Considering his tender age, Douglas fails to accept that death will one day take him away. This paper examines the author’s views on death and the integration of the theme throughout the text by use of symbolism.

The ravine is one of the most common elements of the story. As a young boy, Douglas’ brother would hide in a ravine ahead of him, and while walking nearby, he would grab Douglas, causing him to run sacred all the way home. The ravine represents the dangers inherent in nature. Although the ravine permeates danger, people must interact with it constantly. For instance, Lavinia must cross the ravine in total darkness and all alone, to her house. She finally reaches her house safely, after experiencing fear while crossing the ravine alone. The ravine also represents a perpetual war pitting the good against evil. Wondering alone, Douglas comes to the rim of the ravine. As the writer says, “the town, divided, fell away in halves” (p. 66). This indicates that the ravine split the town into two segments.

Bradbury associates the ravine with evil, and the metaphorical hell. The ravine is associated with dangers that pervade lives of individuals. The descriptions of the ravine point towards evil in that it is dark, deep and mysterious. The ravine instills fear upon all individuals who go near. There is close association between death and the ravine, where ants, grasshoppers, and other insects thrive. Man and nature are in constant tag of war, where man seizes land, and…………………..


Analysis Essay (The Ravine in


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