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SWOT Analysis






Air Leo business plan

Air Leo

Executive Summary – The executive summary begins with analyzing the general aviation environment in Europe where Air Leo is set to launch commercial operations. The executive summary give details of why investing in the airline industry in Europe could become a lucrative business. The major drive in the European market is the existence of underserved markets with high demand for air travel will be implemented (“Air Leo,” n.d).

Objectives – This section gives the primary objectives of the proposed airline, Air Leo. The objectives are clearly stated and can be quantified, for instance the financial rewards expected from the entire project.

Mission statement – Air Leo’s proposed mission is clearly stated. The airline’s mission statement declares the company’s key purpose or focus and is unchanged over time. The mission statement describes the reason why the company was formed. The plan also outlines how the proposed mission will be accomplished.

Keys to success – This section outline the critical success factors for the proposed airline. The critical success factors are outlined according to the strength of each factor. One of the critical success factors identified is the hiring of a highly qualified management team that will spur the airline to success (“Air Leo,” n.d).

Company summary – This section gives the background of the proposed airline. The section gives details of how the proposed company came to be. For example, the proposed airline may………………………………..


Differences between profit and profitability and how you plan to use your profits to increase your business profitability.


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