Solutions to the Mind/body Problems paper


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Solutions to the Mind/body Problems


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Solutions to the Mind/Body Problems

In chapter 3 of his textbook, Hasker provides a detailed analysis of the relationship that exists between the mind and body. Hasker notes that although the human body is just a physical thing like all other physical things, fundamental differences exist between the body and other objects. A man is able to make judgments, can listen to music, can be supportive of others in need, and other key differences. The mystery of the mind and body is that it has a spiritual aspect that is itself embedded in a body made of flesh. Piccard and Maddox propound various views about the mind/body problem as this paper examines below.

According to Piccard, his robotic friend, Data, is a human. Piccard holds the idea that Data should be able to make decisions just as humans do. Piccard’s standpoint about the mind/body problem is that the mind and body are not separate components. Piccard holds a……………………………………….


Topic: Androids and the Mind/Body Problem


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