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The Rocking Horse Winner

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The story The Rocking-Horse Winner focuses on the life of a young boy by the name of Paul who rides a rocking horse to predict the winner of the horse races. Paul is born in a family of three, and he has two other sisters.   They live in a modest family although his mother Hester is not happy as she believes that she should be living in a luxurious house.  Although the parents do not discuss their financial woes in front of the kids, the children can easily tell that everything is not okay. When Paul asks his mother of their situation, Hester tells his son that their further is not lucky and that he cannot make enough money. This situation motivates the young Paul to concentrate on his betting with the help of Bassett and Uncle Oscar (Miles, 2009). The rocking horse winner explains the lives of a young couple who had no luck but raised a lucky son who won bet and bet. Unfortunately, Paul died after winning the derby stakes after suffering from brain fever.

The story The Rocking-Horse has five main characters that include;………………………………………


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