Term Paper: Information Technology Strategic Plan


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Information Technology Strategic Plan

In an era where technological advances are sweeping over the business world, the significant role that is played by technology in the advancement of a company’s objectives cannot be wished away or ignored. In manufacturing, media, politics and insurance industry, modern technological advancements in social media like Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter remain to be major influencers of how consumers of service and products offered by these businesses relate and engage with them. Data storage is no longer a tedious affair and filing has been replaced with hard disks. With the inevitable evolution of modern trends in technology, cloud storage has caught up and replaced hard drive storage. A qualitative study conducted by Capgemini Financial Services finds that there is a significant drop in the number of policyholders around the globe. The reduction in numbers is attributable to the customer’s dissatisfaction with digital channels like channels adopted by their insurers (Harman, 2015). Large volumes of data can be stored in a cloud and virtually be accessed from any part of the world remotely. This paper is a critical analysis of how modern trends in technology have continued to affect consumer behavior and its impact on customer satisfaction. Further, the paper conducts a SWOT analysis regarding the selected company.

Company X is a sporting goods company with recognized brands. The company is located in Finland and has branches in various countries. The company deals with technically advanced sports footwear, accessories, apparel, and equipment which include snowboarding, soccer, basketball, tennis, cycling, running, badminton, among others. Its products are sold to mass merchants, sporting goods chains, distributors, brand stores, and factory outlets thaat deal directly with consumers…………………………………………………………


Imagine that a company has recently hired you as a senior business consultant.


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