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Although the United States lacks formal social class structures, other distinctions based on education, wealth, ethnicity, religion, and gender prevail in some communities. Distinctions based on education exist in the community, mainly being the widening gap in the achievement of higher education between students of color and the whites. The blacks lack the same educational opportunities as whites, meaning they are less likely to achieve higher educational levels. Some of the challenges that lead to the educational disparities include lower income levels, poor health, high incarceration rates, and low education levels of the parents. Distinctions based on wealth also exist along racial lines. The whites are generally wealthier compared to people of color. The whites hold more wealth compared to the African Americans and the Hispanic groups. Current research indicates that the gap in wealth between blacks and whites is still increasing. This is evident in the standards of living between whites and then blacks; where the blacks have lower standards of living.

Race distinctions still exist in the community, with African Americans being the most affected. Racial prejudice is a serious problem in the society today. In the recent past, cases of racially motivated violence by the police against the black community have been on the rise…………………………………………………


Unlike some foreign cultures (e.g., India, etc.), there is not a formal social class structure in the United States.


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