Community Observation Assignment-848words


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Community Observation Assignment


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Community Assignment

What was observed during the experience?

Over the course of the week, I decided to take part in recreational activities in my community by visiting the local recreation center. There were many people in the recreation center mainly because it was during the weekend. The recreation center features youth game rooms, gymnasiums and cardiovascular equipment, swimming pools, weight rooms, indoor play structures, and other facilities. The recreation center offers more than gyms and swimming pools; it has programs and scheduled events for all ages. In some programs, one is required to register at an earlier period. Some of the scheduled events are archery, movie nights, and family events such as ‘daddy daughter dance’.

The experience was quite enthralling. All people were engaging in different fun activities. Some came as families while others were in groups of friends. In the park, there were more males than females. Majority of those in the park were adults in the age bracket 20 – 35 years. The park had………………………………..


You will take an active part in a community outreach activity of your choosing; this will enable you to connect with the needs of the communit


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