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BUS475 -Challenges in the Business Environment



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Having been founded in 1977, Apple Inc. has continued to offer a wide range of products ranging from mobile hardware to mobile software as well as other technological appliances to meet the ever growing demands of their existing and potential customers from all parts of the globe. Apple Inc. is popular among most software users, especially Smartphone and computer users, but what most people do not know is that Apple does not only deal with computer software and cell phones, but it also focuses on the distribution of electrical products in the global market. However, to remain at the top of the chart and to gain a better competitive position, Apple Inc. had to set aside a team of experts who focuses on increasing the value of their customers as well as coming up with innovations and inventions to ensure that they fully satisfy their needs and desires. It is worth noting that Apple Inc. is a multinational company that sells most of its products in the global market with over 301 stores and warehouses all over the world (Luxton, 2011). The company is always focused on keeping all their customers both local and international satisfied through assisting in making a unique and unmatched precedence in the minds of most customers concerning their products and services.

With the deteriorating ethical standards in most companies in the economic arena of most countries in the world today, there has been constant criticism and review of the Apple Inc.’s Supplier Code of Conduct in recent days. Apple Inc.’s Supplier Code of Conduct focuses on the most important aspect of the supplier-consumer relationship to make sure that there is enough professionalism in the way suppliers behave and conduct their businesses to guarantee the success of the company. Some of the important areas that have been covered in the Apple Inc.’s Supplier Code of Conduct include labor and human rights, health standards and safety as well as a friendly working environment to ensure that the suppliers feel appreciated and needed in the company. However, with the inclusion of ethics in the company’s code of conduct, the company……………………………………………………………………………………………..


Assignment 2: Challenges in the Global Business Environment paper/ Power point


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