Case Study 2: ING Life paper


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Technology is rapidly evolving in the modern business world and thus the need for ING Life to embrace new and emerging technologies. New inventions and innovations are coming up and any serious business has to understand the changes that occur in its technological environment. This will ensure that they stay competitive and keep up with the market trends otherwise they will lose business to the competition. There are various risks and difficulties that businesses face in their day to day operations through interactions with their environment and to deal with them, they would have to understand and classify the risks.

The internet, which is widely used as a medium of communication in different geographical areas, is one of the public infrastructures which ING Life heavily depends on for normal business operations. Despite the multiple benefits associated with using the internet, it………………………………………..


Case Study 2: ING Life -Read the case study titled “ING Life” found at the end of Chapter 7.


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