Bacon’s Rebellion -540 words


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Bacon’s Rebellion


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Bacon’s Rebellion

I am writing this to inform you about the political state of affairs at Jamestown. Over the past few months, political antagonism has risen due to a power struggle between the incumbent governor, Sir William Berkeley, and Nathaniel Bacon, Jr., a cousin by marriage to the governor. Upon Bacon’s arrival in the state of Virginia in 1675, the governor awarded him a council position, which was a noble act (“National Park Service (NPS),” n.d). There is reason to believe that Bacon has become more interested in a personal power grab in the state of Virginia. Further, there is reason to believe that Bacon is taking advantage of the current political tension between the colonists and the local Indians. I may not attribute the growing problem to the governor, but to a series of natural misfortunes that have befallen the state.

In the recent past, the state of Virginia has witnessed an unprecedented economic recession occasioned by a decline in tobacco prices, high restrictions in the English market, intense competition from other states such as Maryland, and rise of imported goods (mercantilism) (“NPS),” n.d). Further, the state of Virginia has experienced erratic weather,………………………………….


Bacon’s Rebellion – A Justified Action or Personal Power Grab?


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