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Bacon’s Rebellion – A Justified Action or Personal Power Grab?

Statement of Purpose or “Why Am I Doing This?”

One of the goals of the discussion boards is to encourage student community learning, and to help you gain valuable experience with analyzing evidence and presenting sound arguments based on you read and know. To this end, your Discussion Board Forum assignments will require you to examine events from a variety of perspectives and construct an argument that supports a specific point of view based on the supplied prompt.

Bacon’s Rebellion -540 words

• To support the stated goals, you must participate in both modules/weeks of the Discussion Board Forum (the “Editorial” and the “Letters to the Editor”) to receive full credit. You must also submit all work on time.

Response to the Prompt – “Editorial” (First Submission)
• You must select 1 topic from the applicable “Discussion Board Topic Selection” document (located in the Assignment Instructions folder).
• Read the information associated with that topic provided in the appropriate Reading & Study folder in Blackboard.
• Submit your 400–500-word response to the prompt to the Discussion Board Forum in the form of a newspaper editorial article. Your “Editorial” must address 1 point of view presented in the forum for the topic you choose. Use the materials you read to write, assuming you are living in the time in which the event occurred and are writing to a contemporary audience who wants the news and your point of view on it. Your work must be clearly supported by your readings and biblical principles. You must take a definite position on the question asked.
• Your “Editorial” must be submitted directly as a reply to the appropriate thread. Do not attach your “Editorial” as a Microsoft Word document or PDF file.
• Appropriate citations must be made using parenthetical references in proper and current Turabian format (these must be complete citations including page numbers when applicable).
• First person is allowed.

Replies – “Letters to the Editor” (Second Submission)
• Be aware that the replies portion of your Discussion Board Forum is worth more than your thread. Review your grading rubric for more details.
• Replies must be considered as “Letters to the Editor,” assuming you are the reader of this newspaper and want to respond to what you have read.
• Substantive replies of 150–250 words are required. Comments such as “You have a good point,” “I like what you said,” or “I agree (or disagree) with you” are not adequate replies. “Letters to the Editor” must show some analytical thought and encourage more dialogue. Ask questions, give a different point of view, bring up another aspect of the topic your classmates did not cover, and so on.
• At least 5 “Letters to the Editor” are required, 3 in response to classmates’ editorials, and 2 in response to classmates’ responses to editorials (to either the student’s own editorial, or to the editorials of their classmates).Keep in mind that not everyone has the same opinions, ideas, or backgrounds. Differing opinions are welcome, but must always be stated in a respectful and professional manner. Personal attacks, profanity, or insulting behavior will not be tolerated. Behavior of this type will result in a ban from the Discussion Board Forum and a loss of all points for the Discussion Board Forum assignments. It will also be reported to Student Affairs as a violation of the Honor Code.

• The grading rubric clearly indicates how your work will be graded in terms of point value. Review it carefully to ensure you earn maximum potential points for your efforts

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